tajmania entertainment

About Us

TajMania Entertainment, dedicated to original animation programming, is the successor to TAJ Productions, one of America's most successful animation post production companies for more than a decade. Under the guidance of president Larry Juris, TAJ played a major role in the American and worldwide success of the Pokémon franchise. Its responsibilities included script generation, voice actor supervision, music composition and production, and franchising. Other TAJ credits include: Casper the Friendly Ghost, Slayers and more than a dozen other properties.

In 2009 Larry disbanded TAJ Productions and founded TajMania Entertainment to concentrate on creating original animation programming that is fun and entertaining, but also addresses many of the serious issues facing America's youth today. Issues that are largely ignored by most children's entertainment companies, such as bullying, binge drinking, teenage obesity, peer pressure, and more. That's why, along with world-class artists, writers and animation production pros, TajMania staff includes educators and social workers.